Documentaries allow people to see the reality behind their favorite show business productions. A stand-up comedy documentary will allow comedy lovers to learn about the work that goes into a comedy special or stand-up performance. Here are four genres of stand-up comedy documentary that comedy enthusiasts can check out.

1. Biography

Stand-up comedy is performed by stand-up comedians who write their own jokes based on their observations and experiences. Many people have one or more favorite comedians. If you've seen all your favorite stand-up comic's jokes but still want more content, a biographical documentary can be just what you need. Video biographies allow audiences to learn more about specific comedians. You can find out about their early lives and the paths they took to success.

2. Behind The Scenes

Some people have the good fortune to live in cities with booming stand-up comedy clubs. If you don't live in a place where you can easily see live comedy shows, you may watch stand-up comedy specials as your primary form of entertainment. The production of comedy specials is different from simple comedy shows, and some comedy enthusiasts are interested in seeing the behind-the-scenes process. Some documentaries will take you behind the scenes to learn about the writing and production that goes into any comedy special.

3. History

Comedy has a long and storied history, just like any other art form. If you want to truly understand stand-up comedy, you have to know where it came from. Historical stand-up comedy documentaries can take you through the history of stand-up, beginning with its origins. You'll learn about the pioneers of stand-up comedy. You'll also learn about the external factors that shaped stand-up into the popular industry it is in present times.

4. Opinion

You can also find stand-up comedy documentaries centered on the opinions of people who love the genre. Just as various literary genres have book critics, some comedy experts exist to critique and evaluate the world of comedy. Documentaries based on opinion can opine on the future of stand-up comedy based on its past. Opinion documentaries can be a fascinating way to stay current on what's happening in the world of comedy.

Stand-up comedy documentaries can be educational, interesting, and even funny. Check out a comedy documentary to find out if this type of media piques your interest. There are many genres of comedy documentaries to try, which means even picky viewers can find something to watch.

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