Not all couples are the type who love seeing the latest blockbuster every weekend. But that does not mean that you can't enjoy a movie on the weekend. It's one of the classic date ideas, and there is a good reason for it. You can go to see a great film and then have something fun to discuss afterwards. This is great for couples who are just starting out dating, as well as couples who have been dating for a long time. After seeing the film, you and your date can go out to dinner or drinks and have something to talk about. And this point is interesting and important, as not all films that are in the theaters are big blockbusters that you will both be bored by if it's not something that's your particular cup of tea. One particularly inserting sub genre that you should look into are documentaries. These are perfect for the person who doesn't like the huge Hollywood action film.

If you are not that interested in seeing a fiction film and prefer to see something that's more reality based, you can always opt for a documentary. There are all sorts of documentaries that you can choose from. There are so many documentaries to choose from that you could stick with just this sub-genre and see something new every weekend. For instance, here are some you could see:

Foreign Language Documentaries

These films are made in foreign countries and help expose you to cultures that you might not be able to visit. You will get to see the day-to-day life of the people of a foreign country and see the cultures and customs that might otherwise only be available in books.

Stand Up Comedy Documentary

These documentaries are great if you and your date love to see comedians and listen to comedy. The stand up comedy documentary will give you a behind the scenes peek at what goes on during the crafting of a comedian's stand up set. You can see the stress and work that goes into making the routine look effortless.

Political Documentary

These documentaries are great for couples that love to watch the news, read the world newspapers, and discuss current events. There are some really fantastic documentaries being made every year that analyze all sorts of different political topics. Most often these topics are very complicated, and these documentaries can take the time to analyze them in ways that a short news segment can't.