When you are looking to enjoy a day or night out at the movies, it pays to follow some tips that will be helpful. Regardless of what sort of movies you enjoy, you'll be best able to spend your money toward movies that fulfill you when you adhere to some guidelines. To this end, follow these strategies below, so that you can get all that you need from your movie outings:

#1: Plan your movie going time out accordingly

Any time that you are looking to enjoy the latest movie, plan it out for maximum enjoyment. For instance, it may behoove you to catch a movie on its first Friday, so that you aren't skewed by reviews or impressions. You may be able to save some money on your tickets by catching a matinee or accumulating movie points that leave you available to discounts. Keep your ear to the industry to get a feel for when a movie is going to be wildly popular. Doing this allows you to know when you should get your tickets in advance. Buying your tickets ahead of time is easier than ever because it gives you the chance to avoid long lines and make it inside the theater on time. You'll be able to download the tickets onto your phone, which is convenient and green friendly. 

#2: Consider hitting an unconventional theater

A lot of shakeups have happened in the movie industry in recent years to adapt to downturns. For instance, theaters are offering 3D experiences and even offering full dinners with alcoholic beverages, as opposed to just popcorn and soda. There are also some drive in movie theaters still open around the country. When visiting a drive in theater, make sure that they have great sound quality and comfortable places to park or sit. 

#3: Consider going the indie route

If you want to truly experience a different kind of movie, consider checking out some indie films. You'll get a chance to see some critically acclaimed movies with actors who are on the rise. Indie films also tend to not follow the same formulas of Hollywood films, so you'll get to enjoy storytelling that is willing to take risks. You'll get the first crack at seeing indie films that will make the festival rounds, so be sure to check out an art theater in your area. 

Consider these tips to get the most out of your movie going experience. Try a movie suggestion calculator for your next movie night!