Is it too cold for you to entertain a bunch of children outdoors for your son or daughter's birthday party? If you're not crazy about hosting the party inside your house, a movie-centered party is the perfect solution. The fact that there are a bunch of great animated movies appearing in theaters soon just makes this type of celebration even more appealing. Here are some ideas that might help you to plan something fun and memorable.

Choose The Movie - This will definitely be the hard part since there are so many wonderful choices! Of course, your child should have a large voice in the selection of the movie the kids will watch. However, you can definitely steer him or her in making a choice.

If your child is interested in a sequel to something he or she loved in the past, there is still the problem of which one to choose, as there are many coming out. How To Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, The Croods, Ice Age: Collision Course and The Lego Movie Sequel all look like a lot of fun. And, just when you thought Toy Story was over, there's even Toy Story 4! 

Girls might love Moana, which features the beautiful Princess in Hawaii, and a lot of music. And, speaking of music, older kids will probably love Kubo and the Two Strings. If your child loved the book, The Little Prince, there is now a little prince movie. Animal lovers will surely enjoy Zootopia or The Secret Life of Pets. Visit Rotoscopers to see more options.

The Invitations - Part of the fun of planning a party is getting to send out cute invitations. Think of making your own, with your child's help. Make the invitation look like an actual movie ticket, including the date, time, meeting place and, of course, the name of the movie. See if you can reserve seats early so that you'll be sure all the kids can sit together. If you have a large group, think about inviting another adult to help you handle the children.  That will be especially important if somebody needs to use the bathroom, as you won't want to leave the other children unattended.

Party Favors - See if there are already party favors with the theme of the movie the kids will be watching. Those, or bubbles (which are fun for all ages), along with candy and an individual bag of popcorn would be great take-home gifts for the kids who came to celebrate with your child.

Don't forget to write down what each child gives your child as a birthday gift so that thank you notes can be written.